One Minute Diet

Can You Really Lose Weight in Only One Minute a Day?

It’s clear by now that High Intensity Interval Training, or H.I.I.T., is a health trend that has proven worth watching.

One Minute Weight Loss - Before & AfterExcerpt from Reader's Digest

It’s gone beyond a buzzword because so many people in all kinds of media are taking notice. You may have also heard it referred to as the “one minute weight loss” routine, which works by having you alternate intense bursts of activity with periods of about fifty percent.

When looking at any workout routine it’s important to understand what people say about its effectiveness and the results that people have achieved.

In the fitness section of Reader’s Digest they show several “before and after” photos from people using this routine. In looking at the individuals in the photos, the results seem impressive. Some of the people look particularly toned down, and some seem to have lost a great deal of excess weight.

One Minute Weight Loss - Before & AfterExcerpt from Reader's Digest

Most of the people appear to have taken the correct approach with H.I.I.T., referring to a boot camp, which is notoriously helpful for getting into shape. Other people credit their group fitness sessions, a popular way to find support and encouragement.

The exercises they mention include ones typically associated with this type of workout: walking lunges, medicine ball slams, and suicide runs. The suicide runs are similar to those performed by young students in gym class where they sprint to one line, touch it, then sprint back. That simple idea of working out based on intervals is becoming part of the adult world now. One person in the story used this method to lose a whole dress size.

One Minute Weight Loss - Before & AfterExcerpt from Reader's Digest

If you’re active online, you may have seen some of your favorite YouTubers or Instagram celebrities slamming their medicine balls. Maybe your opinion of the kettle bell has changed, if you’ve ever even had one. You might want to look into getting a watch and chest strap if you want to accurately record your heart rate.

Are you ready to immerse your body into this training revolution? If so, don’t forget to bring your camera for your “before and after” photos.

One Minute Weight Loss